the revenge is coming..


finally its coming..and soon!!
man..even the title of the movie is cool..hehe..
it's gonna come out on the 24th of jun..and it's this wednesday..huhu
i totally can't wait for the movie to come out..
been waiting this movie for like a year and it's finally here!!
this is like the must-watch-movie of the year..
i really..and i mean REALLY hoped that this movie is gonna be great..*fingers cross*..


I'm free!!

for only 3 weeks la..such a short time isn't it..huh..

what can i do..

so my finals are over..and is waiting for my results to come..
it is so nerve wrecking..argh..
but i don't want to think bout that for now..cause it's time to have fun!!
looking forward to meeting ecah, ala, looi and syera..hopefully i could meet them all this holiday..
man i've been missing them..and haven't seen them since last year i think..huhu..
hope to get to see you guys very soon..call me k..^_^

i still don't know what to do during the holiday..if you guys have any suggestions..please do leave a comment..hehe..
k that's all from me..see ya soon!! XD


miss u..

i know it's been a while since my last post..
i've been busy like crazy..
just last month i've got like 2 assignments, 2 presentations and 1 exam..
is it just me or evrything just had to be on april..huh
then last week just did another 2 exams..and this friday going to have another exam..bummer..

so next saturday and sunday i'm going camping..things just getting even better isn't it..haha..it's actually part of one of my subjects i'm taking for this sem..so let's just hope it's going to be a fun k..

so see ya!!~



i'm back!


i'm home!! haha..

been away for weeks haven't i..hehe

but i wanna brag bout somthing..

FAST AND FURIOUS 4 ROCKS!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


watched it last week..with wan, tira, alia, nizam, kartik and zubair..and let me tell you this..the cars in that movie is totally wicked...and the races in the film was unbelievable..the action, the cars..haa..i think i'm addicted to it..hahablogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that's all i wanna say right now..well i don't have anything to say actually..
till next time..ciao..haha



it's time to turn off the lights

finally it's here..

it's tonight..

the time for the whole world become dark..for one hour..

to save our little blue planet..


see u guys in the dark..haha..xp

what are u going to do during EARTH HOUR??


Tagged by Ija

1. Go to your photo folder in your computer
2. Go to the 6th folder of photos
3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge.
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged..

Description : this is my niece..yes..my niece..not nephew ok..hehe..this is a picture of her when she was 7 month old i think..but now she's already a year old..her name is adriana..isn't she cute..haha xp

the 6 lucky people are :

  1. anis
  2. ala
  3. looi
  4. ecah
  5. tira
  6. aneth

The Final Sem Begins!

after day by day pass without realising it..the final sem begins!!

waaa!!!! it's a total shocker..after 2 sem's pass, the final sem starts..this semester will determine whether i will get through to my degree or not..

no pressure..

it's just another semester before my degree..easy pizzy right?


of course it's going to be hard..harder than before..

this sem my skin will get sun burned, i will be humiliated and classes starts at 8 a.m..


the part bout my skin i don't care that much..but classes starts at 8??

that is hard to getting use to..last sem my classes starts at 9 a.m and the sem before that start at 10..looks like my classes starts earlier every sem..huh..the thing is i'm not a moring person..so waking up early morning is a bit hard for me..it's like waking up to go to school..that time my mom used to wake me up..but since i'm in not at home any more it's hard..even though i've set the alarm on my phone i still woke up late..

and bout the humiliate part..well this sem i will be learning bout the art of public speaking..

fyi..i don't any fond memoirs about me and public speaking..let's just say it's a total disaster when i talk in front of the class..

oh well..

i'll just have to face that again..hope that this time i won't humiliate myself again..pray for moi k! xp


A rainy afternoon


yeah..it's been a while isn't it..and i'm still having my holiday..a week had past and a week more to go until i start my 3rd semester..


right now i am totally bored..donno what to do actually..that's why i am doing this post..

wanna know what i did last week?


last week i didn't go out for the whole week..i just stayed at home with my brother..but he didn't actually stayed at home for the rest of the week..i'm the only one who stayed at home..hehe..

why didn't i go out with him??


i'm just too lazy to go out..and also the week before that i went out twice with my friends..so i'm thinking..i like to just stay at home for this week..

so last week i chat with my friends, watch tv, play vid games, surf the net, watch some anime..hehe..and watch some drama..

then last friday my friends invited me to hang out with them at OU..and i'm like..hell yeah..i want to, sure..but because i stayed in bangi and that OU is placed in the "most strategic and reachable place"..i am being sarcastic hear..

i can't go..
i don't have a car..

i don't have anybody to sent me there..even my beloved brother can't send me there cuz he's going out with his fiance..

in the end i can't go..bummer right?

i was so angry that day..i thought that i could see my best friends again..it just wasn't my luck i guess..


so the whole week went on just like that..



first and for most..this would be my first tagg post..before this i just to lazy to do it..hehe
this tagg is from alya-c..

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:
  1. a dslr camera(from canon)
  2. an ipod
  3. a psp
  4. a car(hopefully a mini cooper)
  5. world peace..PEACE!!
Alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut:
  1. loves taking pics.
  2. loves listening to music..duh..
  3. loves playing vid. games
  4. can drive home everyday from class.
  5. and sick and tired of hearing people figthing and dying everyday..really it does..
5 Impresi terhadap orang yang diminati
  1. currently doesn't have anybody to admire
  2. but if there is, that person is a cool person
  3. a caring person
  4. fun to be with
  5. a very good looking person..hehe..
5 Perkara hebat yang pernah dilakukan
  1. went for karaoke for the 1st time..
  2. eat lunch and dinner at the same time..seriously it's true..hehe
  3. make a deliciously tea..before this i did make a delicious tea..but yesterday's tea was even better..i know..lame right? haha..
  4. took a good pic. with bubbles in it..huhu
  5. loving my family..but i love them every single everyday..

5 Ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi)
  1. handphones..
  2. computers..
  3. internet..
  4. anime..haha
  5. the holy Al-Quran..xp

5 perkara yang dibenci
  1. annoying people..
  2. people who smoke..
  3. bad songs..
  4. bad food..
  5. guys who are so full of them selves..
5 orang yang hendak ditag
  1. ala
  2. ecah
  3. ija
  4. loi
  5. wan


exam exam exam..

yay!! my final exam is finally over..and so my holiday starts..huhu

i'm lovin' it..haha..

ok..let talk bout my exam last week..well as usual..my university gave us questions that are beyond hard..i mean it was soo hard..i felt like my head is about to burst when i was doing it..

especially my physics paper..i dont even know whether i did it right or wrong..well obviously..it an exam..so you can't be sure your answer is right or not right?..but this sem's physics we learn about electronic stuff..and when you learn bout physics there sure to be alot of formula, equations and definitions to remember..after that paper i felt like i want to cry..i couldn't answer all of the question..and don't ask me about my carry marks..my friends and i..we all don't want to know about our carry marks..cus if you ask me..we did pretty bad for our physics for this sem..like i said before..it was hard..

and bout my chemistry paper..it's a so-so paper..which means it was a 50-50 rated paper for me..hehe..didn't think i could rate my own exam's difficulty..huhu..anyway..the only paper that i'm quite confident to do is my calculus paper..huhu..but right now i'm just worried bout my chemistry and physics paper..i really really really hope to get at least a pass grade..i know a passing grade is low..but i really want to pass this sem's subjects..so that i won't repeat the subject again..pls..repeating a subject for me is a nightmare..so you guys pray for me k..hehe

but during that a hell of a week..me and my friends..we went out and and totally have wicked time..hehe..want to know what we did last week?? well that's another story..huhu..^_^..sore ja..until next time..ciao!!

salam takziah..

on early sunday morning..

my aunt..past away..

she died because she had a stroke..

i want to dedicate this post for her..

hope thay you may rest in peace..insyallah..



DoNno Wat 2 saY - Part 2

hey evryone!
it's the 1st day of my holiday..and so far..totally boring..
the whole day just surfing the net..n playing with my niece..hehe..
haven't start on my revision yet..hehe..but gonna do it right after this..
so overall nothing actually happen today..
suppose to follow my sisters to the iFest at Mid Valley..but malas la nk kelua..
so just stayed at home for the whole day..

oh today is chinese new year..
i would like to wish to my chinese friends and to all chinese out there a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

tomorrow alrealy going back to college..argh..total bummer..
because of my parents not being here and my sisters not going to have a "long" holiday like me..
they have to send me back..so i'll be spending the rest of the holiday in college..huh..never thought of spending my holiday in college..this would be the 1st time..

that's all i want to bable on..
mybe the next post would be more interesting than this..
till then..ciao!!


DoNno Wat 2 saY

been a while since the last post..
well..nothing happen actually..
been busy and all..with quizzes and tests..
owh yeah..yesterday just did my 2nd test for physics..
and man it was harder than the 1st test..
the day before my test, my lecturer keep saying

"soalan die lagi senang dari quiz"

watdaheck..senang??..even the quizzes that she gave us was hard..huh..
well for me is hard..i don't know if other people think otherwise..
that's what happen to people that doesn't study..including me..hehe
well..let's just hope i got a higher mark than the last time..huhu

and next week is the chineses new year..you know what that means right?
yeah!! finally..eventhough it's only 3 days..but hey..atleast i got a break right..still don't know what i'm going to do for the holidays..still planning..
but one thing for sure..i'm definitely gonna hit the books..my final is only 2 weeks from now..
and got tons of revision to do..study study study..hehe

this week gonna be a bit lonely though..both my parents wouldn't be here for 2 weeks..
doing umrah n all..hope both of them are doing fine..so it's just us siblings at home..n my sweet sweet niece..hehe
i haven't shown you guys my niece yet right?
maybe next time i will..hehe

sore ja..


Youth 09'..

ever heard bout Youth 09'??
it a convention for youth/teens in m'sia..
to enter you'll need a past but without the passes also can..
entrance is free what..
n it's already started..the youth 09' begin from 9th to the 11th of jan..
there would be more than 100 activities goin on during the 3-day convention..
but i'm too lazy to tell what the activities are..hehe..
but it's soo cool n i really wanna go!!
alas i can't go..
next week i'm going to be sooo busy..there would quizzes and tests..
total bummer man..
for u guys out there who is free during this weekend i would recommend u to go to the Youth 09'
for more info bout the youth 09' click here.