i'm back!


i'm home!! haha..

been away for weeks haven't i..hehe

but i wanna brag bout somthing..

FAST AND FURIOUS 4 ROCKS!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


watched it last week..with wan, tira, alia, nizam, kartik and zubair..and let me tell you this..the cars in that movie is totally wicked...and the races in the film was unbelievable..the action, the cars..haa..i think i'm addicted to it..hahablogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that's all i wanna say right now..well i don't have anything to say actually..
till next time..ciao..haha


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eCaiSme said...

Nyaa~ hieda lame x nmpk ko blogging haha.. waaa miss you muah xoxo