the revenge is coming..


finally its coming..and soon!!
man..even the title of the movie is cool..hehe..
it's gonna come out on the 24th of jun..and it's this wednesday..huhu
i totally can't wait for the movie to come out..
been waiting this movie for like a year and it's finally here!!
this is like the must-watch-movie of the year..
i really..and i mean REALLY hoped that this movie is gonna be great..*fingers cross*..


I'm free!!

for only 3 weeks la..such a short time isn't it..huh..

what can i do..

so my finals are over..and is waiting for my results to come..
it is so nerve wrecking..argh..
but i don't want to think bout that for now..cause it's time to have fun!!
looking forward to meeting ecah, ala, looi and syera..hopefully i could meet them all this holiday..
man i've been missing them..and haven't seen them since last year i think..huhu..
hope to get to see you guys very soon..call me k..^_^

i still don't know what to do during the holiday..if you guys have any suggestions..please do leave a comment..hehe..
k that's all from me..see ya soon!! XD