watched twilight with wan and thirah today...
and what do i say bout the movie?
it was totally wicked!! the movie was beyond awesome...
u guys just have to watch it if u want to believe me...
tgk skali pn rase nk tgk lagi tau..if possible i want to watch it over n over n over again...

Robert Pattinson, the actor who played the oh-so-charming-handsome-cool Edward Cullen was amazing..
but a bit weird though..especially with his pale-white face..but overall he was sooo good looking through out the movie..hehe..Free Emoticons For Your Blog


anywy here are some of the pics from the movie...


0.O..one of my fav scenes in da movie

the Cullen family

Bella n Edward..

oh here is the cool widget from the movie website..


momiji dolls...

just now i was reading a magazine and saw an article bout the momiji dolls..
i was attracted to the cuteness of the dolls..
the momiji dolls are act collectable japanese friendship dolls that u give to ur friends..
and weirdly enough that the dolls actually have their own personality that reflects the owner
that the dolls were given to..it is sort of mini version of ur friend..cute huh?
well there's more...the momiji dolls are act message dolls..
inside the doll has a secret slot to hide the message for that person..pretty neat right?
and there's a lot of range to choose from..

this is called MIKA

*my fav*

this one is called NANI

these are

more on the momiji dolls just click here.


Soooo Looonnggg....

helo helo..

test test...

yeah i'm back!!! ;)

how long has it been...a year i think..huhu

soo long haven't been blogging..it's because i've been sooo busy last year with SPM n all..

n after 6 months of total nothingness, boredemness, lazyness and other-ness's  i've already entered in university..huhu..hard to believe it right?

doing foundation in engineering right now..in electrical n electronic act..hehe

totally didn't expect doing engineering..but i'm doing it right now..wierd huh?

already in 2nd sem now..so far so good..but damn hard la the subjects..

last sem i took :

  1. physics 1,
  2. calculus 1,
  3. english for foundation n
  4. computing skills...

dis sem still taking physics n calculus but adding chemistry to the list..minus the english n computer stuff..

dont ask how much i got for my cgpa..

my pointer totally suck for last sem.. T.T

mcm tahi tau x...

anywy hope i post smthng soon..if not it means i malas nk blog laa..hehe

ps : sory wit the highlights n all..just adding colour to the post..hehe