CBN Carnival was a BLAST!!

Last week's carnival was a blast..
There were foods and games galore..also there is a haunted house..very cool..
Especially the foods..there are tons of food stalls and a variety of food sell by the students..it was soo many until i can't even choose which one to eat..hehe
all of the food stalls and games was was organize by the students..
I was surprise by the number of people came on that day..it looks like our carnival was a hit..
Of course i took a few pictures during the carnival..

as you can everyone worked hard on that day..even the teachers..hehe
and many people came and it was a big success..
hope that there will be a carnival like this again..^_^


UDTA... : (

Today during PJ class we did the UDTA..that is Ujian Daya Tahan something2..for the A is forgot what it meant..hehe

It is a test to test our strength and something2..

So during PJ class we did the test and boy it's was tiring..we have to do pumping and push ups and running for like 1500m!! OMG!!

Just now it was like soo tiring and i couldn't even breath..i could only finish for like 10 minutes..one of my classmates finished it only for 6 minutes..wow talk about power..so in the end we finally finish it..

So after PJ class our physics teacher didn't come and thank god for that..haha

In class i just lepak with my classmates talking nonsense for like an hour..hello diagnostik exam is coming and i just lepaking with my friends..i still haven't finish studying for the exam..soo lazy laa.. well hope that i start studying soon or i'm gonna fail my exam!! Nooooo!!!!

Oh yeah..this Thursday is Parents Teacher Interview Day!! another Noooo!!! this is gonna be a tiring week..huhu : (


Come to my school's Carnival!!

This Saturday come to my school for our school Carnival!! that is on the 21st of April
Here's the banner for our school carnival..

CBN Carnival 2007

please do come to our carnival..your support is much appreciated^_^


book checking

it's that time again..it's time for book checking..
a time when all the exercise books are collected and marked..
actually book checking is just to check that we actually do our homework..well for me sometimes i didn't do my homework..yeah i know thats a bad thing..but i can't help it..hehe
but it is somewhat a tradition that we don't do our homework..and also borrowing books from others and also losing books..actually i don't how the books went missing but it actually happen..for us it is like a tradition..every year is the same thing..we even have to stay up all night just to finish our homework..
yup it is very stressful.. if only they don't do this book checking our lives can be much happier i guess..actually it's also our fault because if didn't do our homework earlier none of this could of happen..huhu


Cbn Sports Day!! Show The Cbn Spirit!!

Today CBN held it's annual sports day!! and this year is my final year so this is my last sports day..*sob* = (
This year the competition is quite tuff..especially between the Aidan team and the Xavier team..the points between the two team is very close..but in the end Aidan finally beat Xavier who every year won the overall event for 4 years straight..talk about luck.. and by da way i'm in Aidan..i'm like soo happy that we finally beat Xavier!! hahahahaha xp.. This count's as the best sports day ever!!^_^
Here's a few pictures that i took during the sports day..

Angelic Aidan

Kadet Remaja Sekolah

Kadet Polis
all the other uniform bodies and houses


Happy Birthday Ala!!!

Today is Ala's birthday.. She's one of my best and closest friends..and today she's turning 17!! Happy Birthday Ala!!

this is Ala on the right..cute isn't she..hehe^_^ (jgn prasan ala)..
So sorry i can't celebrate with you today but tomorrow we'll celebrate together ok..
The reason i can't celebrate her birthday is cuz today i ponteng!!(i mean skip school) hehe.. Oopps busted!! haha..


A Year Had Past...

hey there..long time no see..
it's been a very long time since i've been blogging..how long has it been? almost a year!! OMG!!
after my first post i've totally got bored..don't know what to post also..so sad..huhu..
anyway after reading all my other friends blog recently i feel like why not start over.. and after anis said that it's been a long time i've haven't been blogging..so right now i'm going to write something..hmm..


i'm totally space out right now..soo..maybe later k..but this still count as a post too..here a new post anis!! haha..^_^