Let's open a new chapter.

finally it's that time again..
the end of a year..and the beginning of a new year..
looking back to 2008 it's full of surprises..
so far 2008 has been a great year for me..
a lot has happen to me this pass year..
where do i begin...hehe
this year i've gain a lot of new experiences, meet new faces and traveled to new places..

speaking of traveling to new places..this year i have been traveling a lot..like on january my dad and i travel to Beijing..it's my first time going there too..there i visit the great wall of China, the forbidden city and the summer palace..and guess what..it was snowing when we were there..yeah..lucky huh..hehe..but i was soo cold..obviously..da whole time we were there it was freezingblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com..i could barely feel my hands..but it was fun..hehe

then in late april, my family and i went to visit my brother..who is staying in Germany..we went there for a couple of weeks..but we didn't just stay in there, we also went to Paris..and yes it was my first time there too..hehe..we visit a lot of places both paris and germany..
in germay we went to the mercedes museum..which was a totally whicked place..but in germany we went shopping a lot..huhu..then in paris we went to the eifil tower, the arch the triumph and my fav disneyland..huhu..

bout experinces..hmm..there is a lot..like my first time driving..my first time taking care of a baby..which is my niece btw..hehe..me entering university..experiencing the hostel life..being away from my family..hehe

anywy..this is what the year of 2008 is full of..
so wonder what will 2009 be full of?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
hehe..that's what i'm going to find out..

so i would like to wish to everyone




a heck of a week..

this past week has been a heck of a week..
i've got 2 test, assignments to finish and homeworks to be done..
penat gile laa..

we all got physics test on thursday..and..chemistry test on friday..
and our physics assignments have to be submit on friday also..

seriously it was damn tiring laa...
and don't get me started bout my physics test..
it hard enough to understand it..but doing the freaking test..huh
let see when i got my marks k..hehe

until then..ciao!!


Converse Warehouse Sale!!


converse is making a warehouse sale!!

just find out bout it..

and it's on da 11th..

that's tomorrow!! yay!!

oh..but got test on friday...

aww man...gotta study.. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

nvm..it's untill the 14th..so still got time..hehe

but i really hope that i could go..

btw it's not only just converse..there are other brands too..

like kappa, everlast and lee cooper..

but i'm gonna concentrate on the converse 1st..heheblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

just hope there would be a lot of choices to pick from..

for more info bout this warehouse just click here.



finally it's holiday!!
almost a week break from waking up early in da morning, going to classes and etc..

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still got assignments to do and lap report to complete..

bummer right? Free Emoticons For Your Blog

and what's more i have to hand in my lap report dis wed..

and my assignment dis friday...

to top it all off i'm going to have my 1st test for my calculus also on friday..

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haven't finish doing my work yet and there's a test..

and haven't start studying yet..huh

busy busy dissy..

but no matter what i have to do it right..

never mind...i can do it...i hope..hehe

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