DoNno Wat 2 saY - Part 2

hey evryone!
it's the 1st day of my holiday..and so far..totally boring..
the whole day just surfing the net..n playing with my niece..hehe..
haven't start on my revision yet..hehe..but gonna do it right after this..
so overall nothing actually happen today..
suppose to follow my sisters to the iFest at Mid Valley..but malas la nk kelua..
so just stayed at home for the whole day..

oh today is chinese new year..
i would like to wish to my chinese friends and to all chinese out there a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

tomorrow alrealy going back to college..argh..total bummer..
because of my parents not being here and my sisters not going to have a "long" holiday like me..
they have to send me back..so i'll be spending the rest of the holiday in college..huh..never thought of spending my holiday in college..this would be the 1st time..

that's all i want to bable on..
mybe the next post would be more interesting than this..
till then..ciao!!


DoNno Wat 2 saY

been a while since the last post..
well..nothing happen actually..
been busy and all..with quizzes and tests..
owh yeah..yesterday just did my 2nd test for physics..
and man it was harder than the 1st test..
the day before my test, my lecturer keep saying

"soalan die lagi senang dari quiz"

watdaheck..senang??..even the quizzes that she gave us was hard..huh..
well for me is hard..i don't know if other people think otherwise..
that's what happen to people that doesn't study..including me..hehe
well..let's just hope i got a higher mark than the last time..huhu

and next week is the chineses new year..you know what that means right?
yeah!! finally..eventhough it's only 3 days..but hey..atleast i got a break right..still don't know what i'm going to do for the holidays..still planning..
but one thing for sure..i'm definitely gonna hit the books..my final is only 2 weeks from now..
and got tons of revision to do..study study study..hehe

this week gonna be a bit lonely though..both my parents wouldn't be here for 2 weeks..
doing umrah n all..hope both of them are doing fine..so it's just us siblings at home..n my sweet sweet niece..hehe
i haven't shown you guys my niece yet right?
maybe next time i will..hehe

sore ja..


Youth 09'..

ever heard bout Youth 09'??
it a convention for youth/teens in m'sia..
to enter you'll need a past but without the passes also can..
entrance is free what..
n it's already started..the youth 09' begin from 9th to the 11th of jan..
there would be more than 100 activities goin on during the 3-day convention..
but i'm too lazy to tell what the activities are..hehe..
but it's soo cool n i really wanna go!!
alas i can't go..
next week i'm going to be sooo busy..there would quizzes and tests..
total bummer man..
for u guys out there who is free during this weekend i would recommend u to go to the Youth 09'
for more info bout the youth 09' click here.