A rainy afternoon


yeah..it's been a while isn't it..and i'm still having my holiday..a week had past and a week more to go until i start my 3rd semester..


right now i am totally bored..donno what to do actually..that's why i am doing this post..

wanna know what i did last week?


last week i didn't go out for the whole week..i just stayed at home with my brother..but he didn't actually stayed at home for the rest of the week..i'm the only one who stayed at home..hehe..

why didn't i go out with him??


i'm just too lazy to go out..and also the week before that i went out twice with my friends..so i'm thinking..i like to just stay at home for this week..

so last week i chat with my friends, watch tv, play vid games, surf the net, watch some anime..hehe..and watch some drama..

then last friday my friends invited me to hang out with them at OU..and i'm like..hell yeah..i want to, sure..but because i stayed in bangi and that OU is placed in the "most strategic and reachable place"..i am being sarcastic hear..

i can't go..
i don't have a car..

i don't have anybody to sent me there..even my beloved brother can't send me there cuz he's going out with his fiance..

in the end i can't go..bummer right?

i was so angry that day..i thought that i could see my best friends again..it just wasn't my luck i guess..


so the whole week went on just like that..



first and for most..this would be my first tagg post..before this i just to lazy to do it..hehe
this tagg is from alya-c..

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:
  1. a dslr camera(from canon)
  2. an ipod
  3. a psp
  4. a car(hopefully a mini cooper)
  5. world peace..PEACE!!
Alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut:
  1. loves taking pics.
  2. loves listening to music..duh..
  3. loves playing vid. games
  4. can drive home everyday from class.
  5. and sick and tired of hearing people figthing and dying everyday..really it does..
5 Impresi terhadap orang yang diminati
  1. currently doesn't have anybody to admire
  2. but if there is, that person is a cool person
  3. a caring person
  4. fun to be with
  5. a very good looking person..hehe..
5 Perkara hebat yang pernah dilakukan
  1. went for karaoke for the 1st time..
  2. eat lunch and dinner at the same time..seriously it's true..hehe
  3. make a deliciously tea..before this i did make a delicious tea..but yesterday's tea was even better..i know..lame right? haha..
  4. took a good pic. with bubbles in it..huhu
  5. loving my family..but i love them every single everyday..

5 Ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi)
  1. handphones..
  2. computers..
  3. internet..
  4. anime..haha
  5. the holy Al-Quran..xp

5 perkara yang dibenci
  1. annoying people..
  2. people who smoke..
  3. bad songs..
  4. bad food..
  5. guys who are so full of them selves..
5 orang yang hendak ditag
  1. ala
  2. ecah
  3. ija
  4. loi
  5. wan


exam exam exam..

yay!! my final exam is finally over..and so my holiday starts..huhu

i'm lovin' it..haha..

ok..let talk bout my exam last week..well as usual..my university gave us questions that are beyond hard..i mean it was soo hard..i felt like my head is about to burst when i was doing it..

especially my physics paper..i dont even know whether i did it right or wrong..well obviously..it an exam..so you can't be sure your answer is right or not right?..but this sem's physics we learn about electronic stuff..and when you learn bout physics there sure to be alot of formula, equations and definitions to remember..after that paper i felt like i want to cry..i couldn't answer all of the question..and don't ask me about my carry marks..my friends and i..we all don't want to know about our carry marks..cus if you ask me..we did pretty bad for our physics for this sem..like i said before..it was hard..

and bout my chemistry paper..it's a so-so paper..which means it was a 50-50 rated paper for me..hehe..didn't think i could rate my own exam's difficulty..huhu..anyway..the only paper that i'm quite confident to do is my calculus paper..huhu..but right now i'm just worried bout my chemistry and physics paper..i really really really hope to get at least a pass grade..i know a passing grade is low..but i really want to pass this sem's subjects..so that i won't repeat the subject again..pls..repeating a subject for me is a nightmare..so you guys pray for me k..hehe

but during that a hell of a week..me and my friends..we went out and and totally have wicked time..hehe..want to know what we did last week?? well that's another story..huhu..^_^..sore ja..until next time..ciao!!

salam takziah..

on early sunday morning..

my aunt..past away..

she died because she had a stroke..

i want to dedicate this post for her..

hope thay you may rest in peace..insyallah..