so far..

so far..my break is not soo boring..just stayed at home doing chores and what not..haven't been hanging with my best buddies yet..cuz they didn't start their holidays yet..just me..
but its not soo sad..i've still got time..just have to be patient..that's all..hehe
and it's not like i've been spending my time at home..i did go out..actually went for a date with him..huhu..damn miss him laa..haven't meet him for almost a month..eventually we manage to go out together..huhu..thanks to my parents for giving permission to go out that day..^_^..thanks mama and abah!!
owh..btw..tomorrow i'm going to the dentist..i'm actually kind of nervous right now..cuz it's been a while since my last appointment..my parents been bragging me to where braces..it's not like i don't want too..but i've been hearing people saying it is painful to wear braces..that makes me a little scared to wear braces..hehe..well you can't say it's a bad thing to feel a little pain..right?
huh..but to bear the pain..and having trouble to eat..it kind of troublesome..but to think the result makes me forget all that..but i'm still scared because of the pain..huhu..but we'll have see first..i have to hear what the dentist going to say..but i kind of know what the dentist is going to say..hehe
so for now i have to wait and see..

btw i want to wish to my mum and all mum HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! ^_^

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fariza_ija said...

wuhuu!dyh nk pkai braces..yeay!nk tgk nnt.hahaha!

wow..dpt date...da dpt restu due belah pihak da uh..leh tunang da neh.hahah!XD